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Classic Masaya

This exciting region offers a genuine cultural experience. Here you have the great opportunity to visit both markets, handcraft and popular. Colorful cotton hammocks, special woodcarvings, excellent native paintings, outstanding leather work, high quality cigars and rum, fine clothing, popular Nicaraguan children toys, and a wide range of other traditional crafts all can be found at reasonable prices at Masaya’s artisan market.

Just few blocks away from here you can reach the bustling popular market of Masaya, an interesting way to discover and get immersed into Nicaraguan life. Here you have the chance to see the tropical fruits, vegetables, meats, fish, main staples, spices, local eateries, the busy bus terminal, and other unfamiliar scenes for you.

The town of Masaya is known as the cradle of Nicaragua’s folklore. Of course we can’t forget the Masaya National Park, where you will have the chance to visit the active Santiago Crater and peer into the ‘mouth of hell’.