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Reserva Natural el Jaguar

El Jaguar, located on top of the Isabelia Mountain Range in the Northern Province of Jinotega, is a private family run farm that produces high quality organic coffee, in perfect harmony with the community and the surrounding ecosystem. The giant oak and fern trees within the forest provide the perfect shelter for a large diversity of plant and animal life. 70 acres of protected cloud forest and 35 acres of managed woods surround the farm. Within these woods rare orchids and giant ferns trees dating back to Jurassic times can be found.

Here we will have the chance to enjoy an early morning bird watching tour. El Jaguar is a sanctuary for a large number of birds, migratory and residents.  We will also have the opportunity to explore the reserve on the Jaguar tour.  With your local guide you will walk through the trails and observe the flora and fauna of the place.

It is the perfect place to get in touch with nature, explore the forest and enjoy the natural environment.

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