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Hecho por un artesano local conocido internacionalmente, quien hace piezas exclusivas para hotel Estrada y nuestros clientes!
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Islas Solentiname

During this trip you will experience the natural beauty and the tranquility of the Archipelago of Solentiname, 36 enchanted islands located in the southeast corner of Lake Nicaragua.

Solentiname has a rich past and reputation not only for its primitivism art colony, revolutionary activities, and poet Ernesto Cardenal, but also for its unique nature and local traditions. The hospitality of the people, the peaceful style of living, the community of painters and wood carvers and the little ecological museum are the major attractions that you will experience.

Solentiname is not a frequent tourist destination making it truly a hidden gem. Upon arrival you will begin to feel as if you are one of the locals at your small, rustic but charming lodge. Remember that the lodging conditions do not provide the comfort to which you might be accustomed, which means this tour can only be recommended to visitors aware of travel conditions in the region and are willing to exchange luxury for a unique experience.

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